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Recently, there have been more and more people with myopia in the school, especially in the upper grades. On campus, many of the students who came in and out of the school wore small glasses. A first-grade child, with a very childish look on his face, but he has already hanged his heavy glasses on his nose. I don��t know, I��m scared, and I��m wearing a lot of glasses! We really want to know why, just under a lot of work. With the help of the teacher, we conducted a survey on myopia and my eye habits for myopia.When looking for information, I saw a series of shocking numbers: the incidence of myopia in our country is the second highest in the world, with an incidence rate of 50%. Among them, the primary school students' myopia rate was 22.78%, the junior high school students were 55.22%, the high school students were 70.34%, and the college students were over 80%. The number of students suffering from myopia in primary and secondary schools in China accounts for 60% of the total student population, and the number of patients exceeds 60 million [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Marlboro Gold Pack[/url]. Ranked first in the world. After reading this newsletter, I couldn't help but tremble, and there was a suspicion: "Why do primary school students have so many people with myopia? Why are there so many college students with myopia? From primary school students to college students [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], the number of students is gradually rising. Is myopia related to age? "All doubts are born in my heart." I also found other information, guessing the cause of myopia is the use of eye habits and learning tasks aggravated.ith the help of Teacher Jiang, we got the student's eye chart of the school in September 2007. After statistics, I got the following myopia (visual power less than 5.0): 12 of the first-year 92 people have myopia; the second grade Eight of 82 people have myopia; 7 of the 92 people in the third grade have myopia; 5 of the 94 in the fourth grade have myopia; 15 of the 130 in the fifth grade have myopia; and 133 of the sixth grade have 42 of myopia [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url]. I found that the number of myopia has gradually decreased from the first grade to the fourth grade, but the fifth and sixth grades have increased. In particular, the number of myopia in the sixth grade accounts for about 30% of the total number of sixth graders [url=www.cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Red 100S[/url]. "What the hell is going on?" We conducted further investigations on myopia.If you don't appreciate life, you don't know the sweetness of life. Similarly, how can I know the cause of myopia without asking my classmates? We took the inquiry method. I came to the sixth grade class and asked my classmates. A classmate said that he often plays games online at home, often playing until midnight to sleep, and playing a night while on vacation; B said that she likes to read and write on the table, sometimes while watching TV while writing homework, away from TV The machine is very close; C classmates said that he often laughs and laughs with his classmates when doing eye exercises, and often wipes with dirty hands when his eyes hurt; D is short and fat, he said that he likes to eat sweets such as chocolate and sugar, not I like to eat foods containing vitamins such as tomatoes and oranges [url=www.cigarettesonlinesale.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url]. A lot of classmates have said everyday bad eye habits. Through inquiry, I k

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